May Sinclair Interview Share with us a little about your background.
May Sinclair/Mason Clare: I’ve always desired to be a writer and teacher, even when I was in school majoring in English Literature, but gave up my aspirations when I repeatedly heard that I couldn’t make a living writing. I also got severe head-aches teaching small children. I make sure I tell all the young (and not so young) people I meet that it is possible to make a living doing whatever they love to do. I only teach adults now. I write of my own initial and changed beliefs about writing in my book: Just How DO Affirmations Work?

PWC: What got you interested in Numerology?
MS: In my early forties I needed to get beyond a couple of devastating loses in my life, so I began my education to learn about many ancient and modern philosophies. I discovered quickly that I enjoyed Numerology a great deal. The more I learned, the more I desired to learn. During a rather intense eight year period I earned my doctorate in the Philosophy of Metaphysics. My dissertation was on dream interpretation and analysis, so I used it to create workshops. But initially I wrote under a nom-de-plume, Mason Clare, when I wrote Birthday Numerology Scrolls as well as Personal and Spiritual pamphlets for each year within an Epicycle—a period of nine years—that were sold in many different stores in California.

PWC: How long has Numerology been around?
MS: Numerology is an ancient philosophy. Most of our current knowledge is based on what is termed Pythagorean, but there are older versions such as Chaldean. The important fact is that it’s all symbolism and psychology. The information about the vibrations of numbers is to encourage people to ask questions of her- or him-self. There is no room for emotional laziness.

PWC: So many people consider numbers to be hocus-pocus or party-reading events. Why is Numerology important?
MS: Well, my Birthday Numerology Scrolls are true enough, but the information is rather superficial. I’d say they are similar to getting a quick synopsis of your Astrological Sun sign. To conduct a real and complete Chart of Events based on Numerology is extensive (about 100 pages), and from my personal perspective in writing them for myself and others, it is all very overwhelming. No matter what people think about themselves, it is far better to realize we can only learn what we can learn when we can learn it. Trying too hard is often as bad as not trying at all. Still, if a person is interested in knowing more about her- or him-self there is a lot of information, including birthdays and the complete Epicycle in my most current book, Psychology of Numbers.

PWC: There are also a number of Numerology books people buy that makes them believe that they’re an “expert” on the subject. What are some things that people should know or be aware about?
MS: There are lots and lots of books that include in the title: The complete book of whatever. I’m fairly sure people can figure out whether a person is an expert on a topic, or not. What I teach is: Know what it is you believe. I draw on several ancient and modern philosophies to offer various tools for a person I find one that catches her or his interest and attention. Because what we believe is what we live.

PWC: You’re suspending your Numerology column on to focus on other ventures. Can you share a little about them?
MS: People who read seldom think about what it takes to write a book. I do write rather quickly because my thoughts come into my head fast. Alas, that means I must spend a great deal of my time editing and re-writing so it can make sense to my readers. Currently I’ve got two books I’m working on: a sequel to Infamous Eve, a history that has a working title called Notorious Jezebel and another book of the spiritual genre with the working title Bodies of Light. Jezebel requires extensive research and Bodies of Light demands I put old difficult language into a format that is easier for the modern reader to understand.

PWC: You are a prolific writer. What are some of your books people can buy and where can they buy them?
MS: My works currently available include, Infamous Eve, A History, Just How DO Affirmations Work?, Sandman Healer (my workshop text), Colors, Symbols, Archetypes, and Psychology of Numbers. All of them are available at any book store, but since my publisher is one of the Amazon companies, I’m happy to have people get them on-line at

PWC: To learn more about you, is there a web-site people can go to?
MS: Although I have a Blog:, I have recently combined all of my other web-sites into a single one, There are many articles as well as excerpts from my various books that people can read to get an idea of what the whole books are like.

I am deeply gratified that I am able to share with my readers information that has often been hidden, ignored, suppressed, purposely deleted, and possibly even plundered in an effort to maintain the status quo. My main purpose in writing is to light up the shadowy parts of ancient philosophies and history so that it becomes—common knowledge—available to everyone. I write to stop the high jacking of truths that have allowed some fearful people to prevent others from having a life that includes joy and freedom.

I freely allow down-loads as long as people remember it is all copy written material and must give author credit when they print it and share it with others.