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Tips for advertising success

Below are a few suggestions to make your advertisement on PrescottWeddings.com a success:

• Graphical ads tend to draw more attention than text-only ads. This is also true for ads that convey a professional image.

• A Web site linked to your ad containing more information about your product or service is always a good idea. The more information Brides and Grooms can access while they’re online, the better.

• If you want to use your business card as your ad, and your business card is printed on something other than white, chances are it’s not going to scan well.

• You cannot add to or change a scanned image. That includes making the phone number larger or adding a special offer or discount.

• You can add a border around the outside of the ad (because it’s outside the scanned image).

• The cost to create or alter an ad is not included in the cost to display the ad on PrescottWeddings.com.