1. Flowers


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Dear Miss SOS:

I recently met with my florist and couldn’t believe the check-list she showed me of everyone that should be receiving corsages and boutonnières. Do I have to give everyone a flower that was on the list? I’m on a very tight budget. Also, where should corsages be pinned? On the left or right?

Flowers are a beautiful way to honor special family members. Traditionally, corsages are given to the mothers of the Bride and Groom. Though not required, you may also wish to provide a corsage to other honored guests, such as a grandmother, stepmother, sister or aunt.

Corsages should be pinned to the left shoulder or even the waistline of the dress. However, if the garment is made of thin or delicate fabric, the wearer may not want to put a pin through it, in which case she can use the corsage to adorn her purse. Or you can order a wrist corsage or a small nosegay for her to carry instead.

Boutonnières should be given to male members of the family. Those for the fathers of the Bride and Groom should match those of the ushers. And, though not required, you may also want to give boutonnières to grandfathers, stepfathers, brothers and uncles.