Rehearsals – Invitations to

Dear Miss SOS:

We’re having a wedding rehearsal and my fiance’s parents wish to host the rehearsal dinner that follows. They’ve asked me to provide them a guest list. Whom should I include?

Your rehearsal dinner guest list should include all members of the intimate family on both sides, including parents, step-parents, siblings and grandparents, your complete wedding party and their spouses, and guests who have already arrived from out-of-town.

Dear Miss SOS:

I am the Groom’s father’s girlfriend. The Groom’s father wishes to have my name on the rehearsal invitation as well as his. However the rehearsal is being split by the Groom’s mother as well, which would also have her and her husband’s name on the invitation. My question is what should be the appropriate wording. Thank you.

A rehearsal invitation is to be issued by the host and hostess, in this case the Groom’s parents. As the Groom’s mother has remarried, it is considered entirely appropriate to include her husband’s (and son’s stepfather) name. That rule does not apply to a girlfriend of the Groom’s father. As a magnanimous acceptance of your position, you are to maintain a poised attitude to the birth parents and refrain from sulking or pouting when the spotlight is on them. The proper wording would be:

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Allan Boston (Groom’s mother and stepfather)
Mr. Paul Joseph Wolfe (Groom’s father)
request the pleasure of your company
at a Rehearsal Dinner
in honor of
Miss Anne Katherine Morris
Mr. Michael John Wolfe
Friday, the twenty seventh of October
at half past six o’clock
Prescott Continental Hotel
Grand Canyon Ballroom