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The 2018 Prescott Bridal Affaire Expo!!

Entering the doors of, the area’s online wedding magazine and host of the 2018 Prescott Bridal Affaire Expo, you have a sense that you are entering a world of organized chaos.  Sitting serenely among the fray of computer keys clacking, phones ringing and muffled conversations that include an occasional exclamation point, is publisher Hazel Bowman calmly directing the activities of the day as she and her team prepare for the BIGGEST bridal expo in the area.

Joining the fray for the first time is StarStruck Event Planning as Co-Presenter with  Tahna Falk’s professionalism and eye-for-detail has been an invaluable component in planning this area’s BIGGEST bridal expo.

Taking place on Sunday March 5 from 10am – 3pm at the historic Hassayampa Inn located at 122 East Gurley Street (corner of Gurley and Marina Streets) in downtown Prescott, the 2017 Prescott Bridal Affaire Expo is the 12th year Bowman’s company has presented this annual community event.

Co-hosted by the Hassayampa Inn and Verve Events & Tents, and sponsored by Lonesome Valley Newspaper, The Daily Courier, Prescott Woman Magazine, Magic 99.1 AM radio, Jennifer Rice Photography, and Strada Salon, the overwhelming response from exhibitors to showcase their services and talents created the need to add even more rooms and tables than in previous years.  “I think we’ve commandeered almost the entire premises of the Hassayampa Inn,” remarked Bowman.

Adding to the excitement, Verve Events & Tents will be featuring a tented lounge in the Hassayampa Inn’s Marina Patio area.  As Bowman explains, “Lounge areas have become increasingly popular and Verve Events & Tents has helped couples dream up seating that’s fun and inventive for guests to enjoy!  Whether it’s an elderly relative that’s looking for a place to relax or a guest that doesn’t particularly love to dance, offering comfortable lounge areas for loved ones to gather is a great way to add style to your big day.”

In addition to enjoying the tented lounge, the ambience of strolling musicians and models displaying the hottest and latest looks in wedding apparel, brides can scout out jewelers, caterers, florists, confectioners, DJ’s, beauty consultants, ministers, designers, photographers, bridal consultants, wedding gowns and formalwear, venues, beauty salons, rental companies and limousine companies, among a host of others.

“You’re not going to want to miss a second of this spectacular event.  We have an incredible array of exhibitors representing every major category for brides in planning their wedding and reception,” says Bowman, “plus there are exhibitor table samples and giveaways, raffle prizes every 30-minutes, and a Grand Prize worth thousands of dollars just waiting to be won.”  In fact, with so many prizes being given away that day, you’ll want to come prepared.  Rather than spending all your time writing down the same information on each prize entry, bring your return address labels with you.  You can simply stick your address label on the entry adding your phone number and email address if necessary, then be on your way to visit even more tables.”

Bowman adds these hints:  “Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for 2 to 3 hours.  You don’t want to rush through this event.  Take your time so you can see all that is available and meet one-on-one with professionals who are eager to make your wedding day everything you dreamed, working within your budget parameters, custom tailoring services to meet your needs.”

The 2018 Prescott Bridal Affaire Expo is open to the public and admission is free.  To quote Bowman,   “This is THE area’s wedding expo to attend and it’s known as the 2018 Prescott Bridal Affaire Expo!”  For more information visit:

Once again is honored to print the following from May Sinclair on the energies we’ll be experiencing throughout the year. 

Energies in 2018

Everything in the Universe we know, including people’s thoughts, is made up of shimmering waves of energy that create cycles within cycles.  An Epicycle is a period of nine years.  Each year contains elements that bring opportunities for growth.  The current Epicycle began in 2017.

The millennium 2000, often called The Awakening or Judgment, proclaimed a paradigm shift, forming new perceptions.  Past difficulties are now examined to extract wisdom from those events and situations because there is another—better—way to live.

2018, the second year in this Epicycle, includes the vibrations of Judgment and the energy of the Moon. Now there is more discernment and a natural end to a cycle within a cycle.  Twenty, heralds an end to a prior mind-set and its boosted cooperative energy allows for accomplishments to be achieved more easily than by getting things done in spite of others.  Balance is the goal of this millennium.

20 = Judgment

18 = Moon

2+0+1+8 = 11/2 Illumination/Cooperation-Balance

Eleven is one of the Special Numbers in Numerology that is not reduced to its lowest denomination.  It expresses a more intense vibration and a higher level of sensitivity.  Each of the individual one digits in the number Eleven is aggressive and independent, perhaps representing separate goals.  There is the desire to maintain independence, yet a strong urge to join forces with others in cooperation and partnership.  This is the year to review, accept, and take actions.  Accountability for individual responsibilities is foremost.  Force and control are not the answers. 

January supports germinating growth.  Fortitude counterbalances nervousness about whatever is seen and heard from being able to block immediate progress.

The month of February is filled with heightened senses.  While finding a balance in life avoid confusion about restrictions through cooperative efforts.

The force in March brings new opportunities from the balanced changes occurring.  Parry restlessness and agitation about developments by focusing on freedoms being offered.

April vibrates with love and affection.  New awareness about relationships and life-styles will affect and alter the prior order of living.

May requires peaceful reflection on what needs to be done now.  Differently perceived life expectations disrupt maintaining the status quo.

June offers a strong vibration for success in work and business.  Any attempts to take unfair advantage is thwarted by the desire to be mutually cooperative.

July stimulates the ending of experiences and relationships that no longer serve overall growth.

August promises accomplishments based on awareness of personal needs and life’s purpose.  Only fear will prevent swift advancement.

September generates a slowing down force.  Patience is required to await outcomes.  Forcing solutions causes distress and delays in obtaining desired resolutions.

In October the vibrations of the upcoming year will begin to stir:  Sharing expressions of joy through art, music, and communication is the energy felt.

November encourages discipline and organization to resolve confusion and for avoiding glittering folly and disillusionments to achieve great strides in growth.

December grants more freedom to construct a life based on new awareness because next year is designed to use illumination and mindfulness to express the joy of living.

The energy in 2017 offered more clarity.  Perhaps the harsh realities caused many to be blinded by the glaring spotlights.  Once again in 2018, the vibrations of the Moon-force cause powerful new currents of energy to rush in and the old and depleted to ebb out.  The strongest focus during 2018 is on partnerships and business and their inherent moral entanglements. To avoid staying in limbo where nothing happens, decisions must be made.  One way or another the consequences of action or inaction will be unleashed. Forward movement and growth is supported this year.  To become Illuminated people, places, ideas, and beliefs are evaluated and judged on the basis of true morality and ethics for wisdom to be expressed and actually seen in actions taken.

COPYRIGHT  ©  2017 by May Sinclair

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