Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry and Beyond the Rings
(March 2002)

By Kelly Mattox

The focus of jewelry at a wedding is the Wedding Rings, even more specifically the Bride’s ring, however other jewelry accessories must not be overlooked. Earrings, necklaces and other pieces need to be carefully considered by not only the Bride but also the Bridesmaids and Mothers -of-the-Bride-and-Groom.

The Bride’s jewelry should coordinate with the style and color she has chosen for her gown and headpiece. If she is wearing a classic style it is best she select more classic styled jewelry. Of course, a strand of small pearls in traditional white or ivory would look exceptional with either pearl drop or stud earrings. Diamonds or cubic zirconias in a basic setting are also excellent selections. However if the Bride is a non-traditionalist she may elect to go with more contemporary styles. Remember don’t overdo anything or you’ll regret it later when looking through your wedding album.

When it comes to the Bridesmaids it is best they wear the same or closely-matching jewelry. Since most Brides give a gift to their attendants, jewelry is a wonderful gift giving idea. Again this is easily avoided by giving the gift of jewelry. When accessorizing your Bridesmaids you can risk being a little more trendy but minimal size is best, as you don’t want them to overshadow anyone, most importantly the Bride. Earrings, necklace, a bracelet and no more than one ring on each hand are suggested, and please no nose or eyebrow piercing. Once again pearls and crystals are perfect.

Since both the Mother-of-the-Bride and the Mother-of-the-Groom most likely have jewelry boxes overflowing with precious gems, you may not need to worry about what they will show up wearing. In any case, if you believe it is an issue, you may want to casually ask what she plans on wearing. If necessary the gift of jewelry can be given to her as well without any feelings being hurt.

While the metals of choice these days are silver, white gold and platinum, you need to analyze the color of the dress to determine if gold should be worn instead. In general, gold looks best with warm colors and silver looks best with cool colors. There are lots of faux pearls and gems that are affordable and look like the real thing.

Last but not least, often the Bride is lent or given sentimental jewelry for her big day. This is great if she likes the precious pieces she is offered. If not, she must be polite, but not shy about declining to wear the items. After all, it is her day and she should feel good about whatever she chooses.

Kelly Mattox
Premier Designs High Fashion Jewelry