Buying a Home

Starting “Happily Forever After” in Your New Home
 (July, 2004)

Today’s brides and grooms have the benefit of affordable mortgages, unique financing plans, and lenders willing to work with them. For the happy couple, this can mean an earlier purchase and move into their own home.

Past generations often have had to scrimp and save for down payments on homes, due to tough economic times and the high prices of houses.

Couples today often have a dual income household capable of supporting itself in home ownership. They also tend to have cash reserves of their own or access sources of funds, whether through family or lending institutions.

While the record low interest rates have vanished and the market is inching upward, home ownership remains a wise choice for those newlyweds who can afford it. Besides the considerable tax deductions available, newlyweds of any age group recognize the value in putting their otherwise rental money into equity on a home they own and ultimately can borrow against.

Look at some of the additional advantages of homeownership:

  • The improvements made on a home a couple owns belong to the couple, and not the landlord. Certain types of improvements increase the value of a home at point of sale, making for an even stronger investment over time.
  • Cosmetic enhancements – such as pain, wallpaper and carpeting – have more long-term value to a homeowner than a renter, even if they do not directly contribute to a higher resale price.

So how do a bride and groom jump on the homeownership bandwagon? Here are five easy steps to get you started:

  • Talk to friends and relatives who own homes and get the scoop on what’s involved;
  • Find a Realtor® who understands your special needs and explains the ins and outs of home buying in words that you can understand;
  • Work with your Realtor® to assemble and manage the remaining members of your home buying team – Lender, Escrow/Title Company, Appraiser, Inspectors, and similar experts;
  • Perform the required search and evaluation – using your team of experts – to ensure that you are satisfied with the property, your offered price, and the value of the home;
  • Follow the buying process from A to Z under the guidance of your Realtor® to bring all the vendors, tasks and deadlines together in a successful purchase.

Sue Marceau is a marketing and customer service professional with an Arizona Real Estate License. She currently represents buyers and sellers at Russ Lyon Realty Company of Prescott. Sue can be reached by cell phone at 928-710-7575, or via email