Presenting a Proper Wedding Stationery Ensemble 
(May, 2005)

One of our lives most celebrated and planned occasions, the day of matrimony, should include a combination of pleasing beauty, proper etiquette, and a clear representation of the bride and groom personality. One way to ensure all of these are present is to begin with one of the most treasured keepsakes, the wedding invitation. This important piece of stationery will be forever cherished, so the creation, design and representation must be extraordinary and well received by all of those who receive it.

An announcement or invitation of pleasing beauty is one that is appealing to the bride and groom who are presenting it. In the creation process, the best way to capture a pleasingly beautiful invitation is to choose a dominant wedding theme or style. The selections may include:

  • Traditional white or ivory single panel invitation, black engraved lettering, tissues, and double printed envelopes.
  • A decorative double panel with names of the bride and groom on the front, a poetic verse and a customized announcement verse on the inside.
  • A brightly colored contemporary invitation with an irresistible scene and an inner envelope lining of another color.
  • An impressed photo on sheer paper overlaying a floral-patterned linen paper with letterpress wording.
  • A handmade cotton paper bound with petite ribbons with the inside pages handwritten in colored ink.

The possibilities are endless. Use vivid imagination and let the beauty that lives within be presented in the invitation. Choose an invitation that speaks to the heart as well as the mind. What is pleasing to the eye is also pleasing to the soul.

The design of the invitation is one of great importance and many decisions. Make a list of what wedding stationery items are needed and then work within your allocated budget. Account for the needed number of save-the-date cards, announcements or invitations, envelopes, varied enclosures, programs, thank you notes, napkins, reception favors, and accessories.

Next, select paper style, color of ink and inner envelope lining, lettering style, and printing preference all to coordinate with the chosen theme. To ensure proper rules of etiquette are followed regarding wording, plus to ensure sufficient ordering and accurate costs, it is highly recommended that the bride and groom have a professional wedding invitation consultant assist with the many decisions.

Proofread, proofread, proofread – both forwards and backwards. You will be more likely to catch any mistakes that way. Allow a generous amount of time to order, receive, address, stuff and send the invitation, not counting receiving the response card prior to the caterer’s final headcount deadline. The finished product should be a memorable collection displaying the characteristics and symbolic passions of the couple to be wed.

To define a clear representation of the bride and groom through the invitation is quite simple. The chosen theme should coordinate with the event, the bride’s chosen colors, as well as the location, setting, time and month of the wedding. Prompt an inviting atmosphere for this special occasion and your guests will anticipate their arrival. A clear representation of the bride and groom sets a most cherished example of your everlasting love.

The task of creating, designing, and presenting the perfect wedding invitation may seem overwhelming but with the proper planning, etiquette, patience and persistence, a pleasing beautiful invitation will arise to create an unforgettable wedding stationery ensemble. gratefully acknowledges the contribution of author and poet Wendy Warmoth, owner of “Poartry by Wendy Warmoth” and “Burning Twilight Publications” for this article.