Out of Town Guests

How To Handle Hosting Out Of Town Wedding Guests

When I was a kid, I dreamed of being an astronaut. And then that became I wanted to be a pilot. But that didn’t work out. Partly because I wear glasses and in part because I’m too large to be an astronaut. I literally am the same size as your average NFL linebacker.

And then I got a job in sales for various software companies. Which means that I get to travel frequently. I have over a million miles on one of the largest airlines.

Which is why I joke that my day job is “professional airline passenger.” And this is why I encourage you to take care when inviting guests to your wedding who live out of town.

It’s good etiquette to invite out of town wedding guests, even if they aren’t going to be able to attend. After all, you would like them to attend, and that also means you’re going to get more wedding presents. However, you need to invite them well ahead of time because some of them might surprise you and RSVP. You could be dealing with making accommodations for out of town wedding guests.

What’s reasonable? Should you open up your house to them? What you do depends on how you feel about your situation. How many people are going to attend? What kind of arrangements are they going to need? Are they going to require transportation to and from the wedding? You can make them feel really welcome by having out-of-town guest transported to your wedding in a limo.

Are you wanting to show them around town before your wedding? These guests may not be familiar with the area. Or, perhaps you want to invite them all over for a dinner one night. You’ll be the one that has to decide how you’re going to balance your time as you prepare for your wedding. Guests attending your wedding from out of town are one of the top reasons why you need to send your invitations out at least 2 months in advance.

When hosting out of town guests at your wedding, you might want to introduce them to other people, whether family or friends. You might want to give them lodging recommendations for the area, telling them before they travel what hotels are close to the wedding venue and everything else. You can tell them what restaurants and attractions are great in the area, too, if they are unfamiliar. You want to make guests from out of town feel as though they are at home when they show up to your wedding.

Weddings are a wonderful time. And sending invitations to out of town guests, are a great way to re-connect with long-lost family and friends. Even in the era of Facebook, getting a physical wedding invitation in the mail is a lovely touch. And you never know if someone will want to accept and attend in person. Just make sure to prepare ahead of time so that your guests are taken care of while they celebrate your wedding nuptials.

This is a guest post by Mark Wilcox. He’s the founder of  HYPERLINK “http://www.weddingintro.com/” http://www.weddingintro.com/ which helps brides reduce their stress by providing simple and clear wedding planning information.