Personalized Wedding Websites

Personalized Wedding Web Sites
(November 2003)

Nothing is more uniquely yours than your wedding. What better way to capture the moment and share all the news than having it posted on your own individual web site? It’s the ideal way to announce, organize, communicate and display your photos for family and friends.

Brides and Grooms everywhere are enjoying the numerous benefits of having their own personalized wedding web site – the central point for all information. Your site can be built as simply or as elaborately as you wish. Many wedding web site packages are as effortless as just filling out a form online and hitting enter. And you’re not just limited to the basic format. There are options galore in making your site reflect your own style and personality.

How about a personalized greeting to your online visitors on your home page? You can include pictures and maybe your favorite music that has special meaning to you and your fiancé. For fun, you might event want to have a wedding countdown showing how many more days are remaining before you walk down the aisle.

People who love you want to know – how you met, your first date, and even how he popped the question. Who knows, maybe you were the one who proposed. People love the stories – and pictures – don’t forget to add photos of those special first days.

Biographies can be a lot of fun, not only of yourself and your fiancée but members of your wedding party. Not everyone knows the name of your very best friend who will be your bridesmaid – nor some of the great stories of your friendship together – so here’s your chance to clue them in why she’s so special to you. Including pictures makes the biographies even better.

Want to spread the word on events? You can provide the date, time, location, style, theme, map and directions to your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor/ette party, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding, wedding reception, and the brunch the morning after. You might even want to include the weather conditions so guests know what the climate will be like that day, or maybe even the time of sunup and sunrise, a particularly nice feature during daylight savings time.

For out-of-town guests, your wedding web site is the perfect place to let them know the name of the hotel where you blocked out rooms, the release date, room rates, and even provide a direct link to the hotel itself. As a special touch, add information on various points of interest in the community whether it is a museum, parks, art galleries, or even a few good eating-places. For some guests, there’s a lot of open time between the moment they checked in to the hotel and when your wedding celebration begins. They’d appreciate knowing what activities are available or where to eat in the meantime.

How about an online RSVP? With a special password, guests can log on and respond immediately – avoiding the uncertainty of delays in the U.S. postal system. An added benefit is that you’re up-to-date on the head count – critical in those last few days before giving a guaranteed count to the caterer. You might even wish to add a guest book page, affording your guests the opportunity to personally express their good wishes, regardless if they’re able to attend your wedding or not.

Though your wedding invitation is not the place to mention where you’re registered, your wedding web site is the perfect place to let people know. It’s easy to add a direct link to the department store(s) where you’re registered so that people can send you a wedding gift that they know you will use and enjoy.

After your wedding day, you can update your web site with pictures taken of you, your wedding party, and guests. Many photography studios, on their web site, create a page where guests view your wedding photos. Nothing could be easier than providing a link from your site to there so guests can order their own personal reprints – all online.

As a finishing touch, include photos taken on your honeymoon and maybe a short story of where you went and any adventures along the way. Your wedding web site can do it all – to everyone’s enjoyment. Create, build, and expand one that’s just right for you. Everyone will love it.