Season’s Trends

2015 Hottest Trends

0155At the 2015 Prescott Bridal Affaire Expo, we talked with many of our exhibitors so we could bring you what’s hot and trendy for 2015.  Some are continuations of last year but there are many new looks.  Whatever your budget or style is, we’re confident there is a trend on the list that will work for your Big Day!

1. Colors: 2014 brought us a lot of pinks, whites and creams. 2015 has those same colors but muted.  That mono-chromatic look is going to kick off the year and go straight through Fall of 2015.  Bold colors will start making a comeback in late 2015, early 2016. Copper is making its appearance (some rental companies are even offering copper chairs for guests) and it works with every style of wedding from casual barn to upscale loft.

2.  Venues:  Brides today are looking at loft spaces, museums and art galleries for their reception. Even though couples are looking to get out of the traditional banquet hall spaces, not everyone loves a barn.

2. Flowers: White and light pink peonies, hydrangea, spray roses, sweet peas and garden roses, accompanied by baby breath and placed in dramatic vases of gold, silver and copper are in!

3. Wedding Gowns: Off the shoulder gowns are back.  From very classic and clean to a whimsical style, many of the gowns provide a detachable grand sweeping train for when you want to dance the night away.  It’s also like having two separate dresses because once you take the train off (as opposed to bustling it), it’s a completely different look. Added bonus? Bustling isn’t always 1-2-3.

4. Shine and sparkle!!:  From veils to gowns, from head to toe (headpieces, belts, shoes), there are touches of glitter everywhere for the bride and her attendants.IMG_6860

5. Bridesmaid dresses: Pale bridesmaid dresses were paired with bright pops of flowers in 2014, but 2015 will bring pale flowers and heavy greens.

6. Cocktail Receptions: Rather than a sit-down event, couples are now offering a cocktail reception where food is available all night, ensuring the party never stops – even for meals.

7. Catering:  It’s all about comfort food.  With rustic still being a huge trend, caterers are providing options with a twist like mac and cheese with different types of cheeses and even soups with a hearty tomato base.

8. Entrances: It used to be that at the beginning of the reception, parents, the wedding party and the newly married couple were introduced by the emcee before going into the first dance of the evening. Now, couples are opting to either only introduce themselves or going all out with a major entrance and choreographed dance. Brides and Grooms work with choreographers to surprise their guests right at the start of their reception – so  don’t you be surprised if at the next wedding you attend, a full out dance starts as the entire party is introduced.



2013 Wedding Trends (April/May 2013)

This year wedding gowns are moving away from white as brides embrace stronger shades and bolder brights. The traditional white/ivory/cream wedding gown trend was made popular by Queen Victoria when she wore a white wedding gown in her marriage to Prince Albert. Before then, wedding dresses were all sorts of colors and material, often symbolizing one’s wealth and status.

Red, which is one of the popular shades this year, is the usual color for Asian brides as it represents vibrance and health. Blue – yet another 2013 bridal trend – was a European girl’s color for centuries as it represents purity and fidelity. This hue will certain check off the “something blue”! A bride can never go wrong looking “pretty in pink” and yellow or gold represents royal status in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and China.

Unique Summer Wedding Trends (May 2011)

The most popular months for weddings are from June through September, the summer months. Many brides love the alluring feel of a warm day, the sun shining, a beautiful garden and of course the bright summer colors that come with the season. Even though all these descriptions are nice, not every bride has to stick to the usual summer traditions. has outlined some new red hot summer wedding trends for the adventurous bride to try.

Bright, bold and dynamic flares of color. We all know bright hues are extremely popular for summer nuptials. But if you use too many bright colors in one space you might end up with a wedding that looks more like a circus. Tone it down a bit with more sophisticated brights such as only two, plus one accent color. Maybe try using a light pink and soft green accompanied by a bright orange in certain areas. This will keep the color scheme cool, calm and collected but also give the room a summery pop.

Many brides are opting to create a wedding theme from a day that has special meaning to them. In tradition with ‘chillin’ in the summer heat, try playing some laid-back music. Soothing music can make guests feel that have been transported to a summer paradise. As the evening progresses bring out the big band, fast tempo dancing music to get the guests moving.

Think outside of the box. Think of your special summer memories and hangouts. Maybe you went camping and loved a certain lake growing up. You could also try and mimic your honeymoon destination. For example: if you are going to Hawaii for your honeymoon, try adding orchids or plumerias to bouquets and centerpieces; or add black lava looking rocks to the bottom on clear vases. It’s the small little touches that can go a along way.

The next suggestion is one of our favorite new summer wedding trends: wine and specialty drink smoothies. When you think of summer, cool refreshing drinks such as Mai-tai’s, frozen margaritas and blue Hawaiians come to mind. It does for you guests too. Go out of the ordinary and have a couple specialty frozen drinks at your reception. It should be rather easy for you caterer to whip up something like a wine smoothie, it only consists of: blush wine blended with ice and fruits of your choice. Then topped off with some type of berry.

Next, try opting for more natural looking centerpieces. Many times summer is associated with wonderful, flavorful fruits. Capitalize on this and have your centerpieces made naturally with fruit. These are not only trendy, but functional. It will look beautiful and also give your guests something to munch on while waiting for dinner to be served. Grapes, grapefruit, strawberries and even watermelon can all be used to make beautiful arrangements.

Small Ideas that Make a Big Impact (January 2011)

A chic, affordable party means tapping into fresh resources. For instance, if you’re considering a Latin themed wedding, shop for burlap (pennies a yard) and have a seamstress hem into tablecloths. Buy woven palm bracelets to use as napkin rings – and as fun favors. Add terra cotta pots of cactus (try a home garden center), thick green stemware, candles, and you’ve got a modern textural fiesta.
Here’s a peek at other hot trends has spotted accompanied with some practical advice

Decorate by going tone-on-tone. Layer different shades of the same color (such as gold) to create a rich, luxurious look.

Go for a gobo. Use a gobo (a custom-made logo placed over an existing spotlight) to project your initials onto the dance floor. Prices start at $100 at

Put it front and center. Consider spending your money on something your guests will look at all night, such as small, beautifully decorated boxes of chocolate at each place setting.

Tie a yellow ribbon. Attach long strands of ribbon to a chandelier in a color that suits your theme and have them streaming down your cake like a maypole. Or attach ribbons to the ceiling or light fixtures, having a fan gently blowing the strands throughout the room.

Bad rug. Ugly carpeting at the reception venue is not uncommon. Find one shade in the carpet that is unobjectionable and weave it into your wedding palette. Then “decorate up” – with high centerpieces, greenery or spotlights up to the ceiling – to draw eyes away from the floor.

Savory delights. Limit the hors d’oeuvres to two or three crowd-pleasers (mini tacos, honey-chicken kabobs). Most guests home in on a few favorites anyway.

We’re a fan! If you’re marrying outdoors, it’s hard to beat paper fans as a favor. They’re charming, practical, and come in tons of colors – and cost less than a small lattée.

Control costs. Buffets and food stations are less expensive to staff than hiring waiters. Assign staffers to man the chafing dishes, rather than have guests serve themselves – your party will feel more formal too.

Custom cuts. If ordering something tailor-made for your reception (such as chair covers or table linens), you may be able to recoup some of the cost by selling the items to a prop house or trying your luck on eBay. Monograms are hard to peddle, so confine your customizing to colors or designs (flowers, hearts) that will appeal to a wider audience.

This Summer is HOT with New Trends (May 2010)

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. The season is packed with exciting new trends from fashion to beauty. wanted to learn what was hot! hot! hot! so we went to leading experts and got them to share the latest in all things bridal. Here’s what we were told:

ACCESSORIES: Monograms are personalizing everything, from handbags to cocktail napkins to wedding rings. Barrettes and combs are getting a fresh splash of color – with jewel tones or iridescent crystals that are inspired by wedding décor or “something blue”. The perfect dance-floor solution? The delicate ballet flat is very popular. So is wearing one pair of shoes for the ceremony (strappy stilettos) and another for the reception (kitten-heel mules).

WEDDING GOWN: Geometric shapes (cutouts and patterns) and asymmetrical touches (necklines and bias-cut skirts) are updating classic gowns with a modern edge. Strapless continues to be a favorite; it allows free movement and flatters many figures. Tea-length styles are in demand for destination weddings and more relaxed, casual affairs. There’s a return to tradition with lacy details (in sleeves, necklines, trains and jackets) re-emerging on the runway. It’s all in the details: Flowers, ruffles, draping, beading, ruching and pleating give gowns a touch of intrigue, whimsy and drama. Glamour reigns. The bride who wants to be “queen for a day” is choosing sumptuous fabrics, metallic embroidery, and trails of tiny buttons. Wardrobe changes aren’t just for celebrities. Brides are swapping their formal ceremony attire for more easygoing party dresses at the reception.

HAIR: Can’t decide which hairstyle is right for you? Then join the modern brides who are opting for “dual ‘dos.” After the ceremony, they’re having a location stylist transform their formal looks (updo) into something more relaxed but equally fabulous (loose, cascading curls) for the party afterward. Glossers (or shine treatments) and cuticle sealants leave hair radiant and polished, and are popular pre-wedding treatments. Do as the celebs do: Use clip-in extensions and hidden hairpieces to add volume, length and holding power for the big day.

NAILS: Say au revoir to the traditional French manicure. Today, the looks for ails is very sheer at the tip – nudes, pinks, even just a hint of pale blue. Steer clear of glitter and crystals on nails. Iridescence is an updated, chic way to shine.

MAKE-UP: Steal the spotlight with subtle hint of shimmer with light-reflecting, highlight powder or lotion on brow bones, cheeks and décolletage – very sexy, very now. Cheeks and lips are flushed with a soft, rosy glow in a range of pinks, from petal to berry. Retro glam is in demand. Classic Hollywood eyes (elegantly arched brows and winged, false lashes on outer corners) say va-va-va-voom. Color choices are endless. Cosmetics – from foundation to nail polish to lip color – can be custom-blended.

FLOWERS: Nothing too match-matchy! Mixing up centerpieces sizes or topping each table with a different design are a couple of ways to spice up spaces. Brides are giving bouquets personal meaning, wrapping the handle with a sentimental handkerchief or weaving Grandma’s pearls or other heirlooms into the arrangement.

DÉCOR: Modern brides are passing on “safe” pastels in favor of hot, daring hues in out-of-the-ordinary color combos. Think pinks and turquoise blue. Instead of using typical round tables, couples are opting for large oval tables that can seat 16, or pairs of long tables of 50 (Versailles-style). Square tables of 15 are also on the map.

FOOD: There’s a spotlight on serving style. Instead of appearing on bare silver trays, hors d’oeuvres are being showcased in creative ways – on a bed of banana leaves or tucked into sicker baskets. Couples are capping the evening with late-night munchies. Decadent treats from Dove Bars to Krispy Kremes are being handed to guests as they leave the party.

The Newest Trends in 2010 (January 2010)

The new decade heralds that it’s back to basics with the attention on details, details, details – and not the drama of the evening. The 2010 Bride is more focused on creating lasting memories rather than the showmanship of the event. It’s all about personalization and expressing your unique bridal style. has the scoop on what is “in” this year from invitations to the wedding gown to the wedding cake. Here’s our recap of what today’s engaged Bride will be looking at:

Home Weddings: Whether a lavish or casual affair, home sweet home is the desired location providing a more intimate setting with less guests – and a non-linear aisle arrangement is all the rage.

Invitations: An eco-friendly greener conscience has Brides using textured-inspired invitations made from recycled paper. Save-a-Dates are fun with a 3-dimensional look that ties in the theme of your wedding. One Bride we know of, who’s creating a tropical feel to her wedding, is using a man-made starfish as her Save-a-Date.

Colors: It’s time to do away with the white, pastel greens and lilacs of recent years. 2010 is packed with color – with bold and bright hues – with bright cobalt blue leading the way. Other hot colors are turquoise, bright orange, vibrant pink and dazzling yellow. Metal colors are gold, silver, copper and pewter.

Bridesmaids Dresses: Go mismatched all the way! The trend of the past three years of chocolate Bridesmaids dresses that all look alike is gone. Today’s modern Bride enjoys choosing one of the hot colors and then letting her Bridesmaid select the dress/gown that best flatters her figure and shape. Look for dresses embellished with large petals and oversized bows for a stylish effect.

Wedding Gown: Breaking the rules is the rule of the day. Add the fact that the Glamorous 50’s are back and you have a wedding gown that pops! Red wedding gowns are a top trend and black wedding gowns, popular on the Paris fashion runways in 2008, remain a leading trend. If you’re more traditional, consider black or red piping or embroidery over the classic white dress for variation. As an added bonus, have attendants’ gowns, men’s ascots, or even decorations match the color in your gown.

For 2010, designers are going back to the 1950’s for inspiration with applications of flowers and lace and playing with hemlines, ranging from tea length (slightly below the knee) to sleek, body-hugging dresses with nipped waists to show off your hourglass figure to big, billowy ballrooms gowns. For a playful look, chose a skirt made of tulle or pick a dress that has layers of material cascading to the floor.

Veils: Romance is definitely back and many Brides are opting to topping off their look with a hat, dressed with a small face veil for a sophisticated look. Especially popular are the Birdcage Veils that draws attention to the already beautiful Bride. Tip: have your Birdcage Veil do double-duty by attaching it with a jewel-encrusted hair clip

The Cake: The popularity of fondant icing is falling and Butter Cream Cakes are in, in, in. New techniques allow for buttercream looking as smooth as fondant and you have better flavor at less cost.

Entrees: A variety of comfort food for your guests to enjoy is the way to go. Think burgers, pizza, ribs, and risotto but with a kick. Make it Kobe burgers, smoked salmon pizzas, slow-braised ribs and wild mushroom risotto. If serving a duet (two entrees on a plate), consider serving short ribs and crab cake rather than the traditional filet and lobster.

Music and Pictures: Video DJ’s have entered the scene in the 2010 modern wedding, from ceremonies being broadcast on screens for better viewing for guests sitting in the back to having guests dance to the visuals of music videos at your reception. Time-lapse photography is being shot and integrated into videos for current montages of you and your groom. Most videographers will be making the transition from hi-def to HD and even Blu Ray, which means smaller cameras and less intrusion on your event.

Lighting: Definitely gaining in popularity, Brides are creating that perfect ambiance in highlighting a room with white or colored lighting. Centerpiece vases, ice sculptures, even napkin rings, have battery operated crystals that can change the mood when the sun sets.

Party Favors: Homemade, personalized favors are felt by guests more than ever. Think of locally grown products, personal mementos, or on-the-spot printouts.
Your Registry: If you already have enough pots and pans and don’t need any more linen, create a Honeymoon Registry. Itemize an array of activities (and its costs) from horseback riding to attending a gallery exhibit to sipping margaritas at sunset and have your guests select their gift to you in making your honeymoon perfect in every way.
Personalize your wedding to fit your style, budget and personality. You have lots of options so let your creativity shine through.

This Season’s Exciting Trends (May, 2004)
Color, color, color! That’s what today’s brides are going for. No longer content with the pastels and monochromatic look of last year, the 2004 bride boldly expresses her love of vivid hues. From bridesmaid’s attire to floral centerpieces, colors abound. Hot pink is in. So is brilliant turquoise. Or, if out-of-the-ordinary colors strike your fancy, think bright yellow complimented with apple green. Perfect for that spring or summer wedding.

Bridal gowns are strapless or off-the-shoulder with little cap sleeves. Rich luxurious fabrics make the gown; beading, embroidery and lace add the exquisite detail to create a fabulous look. For additional glamour, think tiaras or comb headpieces to secure the veil. The jeweled tones and iridescent crystals enhance your radiance.

But today’s bride isn’t limiting herself to just wearing a wedding gown on her special day. Many brides are changing out of their formal ceremony gown and slipping into a gown/dress that’s more casual and relaxed for the wedding reception. Plus, it saves that special wedding gown from potential stains and spills.

Rather than just having an open bar, signature drinks are making the rounds. Choose a special cocktail or mixed drink that reflects your personality and style and have it served during the reception. It’s guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

Centerpieces no longer have to match. Today’s arrangements are big, bold, and wild with the colors harmonizing one another while creating drama to the room. Themes are in and it’s OK to have fun with it! One bride, a collector of antique wedding dolls, personalized her centerpieces by incorporating a bridal doll in each one. In addition to being unique, it also proved to be a great icebreaker as guests roamed from one table to another just to look at the different dolls in the centerpieces.

It’s anything goes when it comes to wedding cakes. Modern brides and grooms aren’t shy in opting for geometric shapes or tall tiers. From sugary flowers to fondant icing to chocolate cake with raspberry filling, have fun “mixing and matching” cake flavors, fillings, and icings to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

“Going-away bags” are replacing party favors. Rather than the ho-hum Jordan almonds wrapped in netting at each place setting, guests are being handed little bags of treats as they leave. The bags are filled with goodies – from monogrammed cookies with the happy couple’s initials on them to Godiva chocolates. Just make sure that you have enough on hand. Unlike party favors that are often forgotten on the table, these little bags are popular and each guest wants one of their own.